TrueUp Mission

To empower tech talent with data and tools to actively manage their careers and make smarter career decisions
The CareerOS for people in tech

TrueUp Product Principles

Earn trust with tech talent

We aim to become a trusted career advisor to Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Marketers, Sales, Account Managers, (and more) by providing interesting, relevant, actionable, and authentic career insights.


We identify the topics that companies might avoid talking about and bring them into the light for current and potential employees.


We emphasize real, useful data over anecdotal company reviews and recruiter pitches.


We learn about our users and what they care about most so that we can provide them with the personalized recommendations they need to accelerate their career growth and find greater fulfillment from their work.


We state things as they are, not as others wish they were. We don’t parrot vague, uninformative company marketing statements (‘Amdocs is a digital network transformations company!’). We don’t leave out relevant facts.

Encourage agency

We believe talented people are the most precious commodity in tech right now and we will help them to use this power to find meaning and happiness in their careers.

Eliminate information asymmetries

Candidates are at a fundamental disadvantage in salary negotiations. They always know less than the company. Comp stats should be public.