Frequently asked questions

Do you only track tech companies? How do you decide what companies are tech companies?

We track tech and tech-ish companies. They usually have one or both of these characteristics:

  1. Product + services would not exist without the internet (or other recent tech innovation of the last 50 years)
  2. Raised money from a VC (indicative of potential for very scalable growth)

That said, it is still tricky to define a tech company and we sometimes make judgment calls 🔮

Examples of companies we do not consider tech companies: Walmart, Disney, Visa, JP Morgan, NY Times

How do I post my company's jobs?

Company membership is invite-only.

Minimum requirements we look for in new companies include:

  1. Meet the TrueUp criteria for being a tech company (see above)
  2. Have 10+ open roles
How do I update data for a company?

Email us: